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Meet our family, & Learn more about our Cockapoos

Meet our family..

We are Jeremy and Rosene Weaver and we  love the country life on our small farm just outside of Eustace, Texas. Life with four active young men is always an adventure, and thanks to our fenced backyard, our large pastures, and three ponds, they always have plenty of space to run and play outdoors.

About Our Cockapoos..

With soulful eyes, gorgeous markings, and an eager-to-please personality, Cocker Spaniels are an easy favorite for many. Crossing them with a Poodle, produces puppies that inherit the best of both worlds... the intelligence and non-shed coats Poodles are loved for, and the good looks and pleasant personality of the Cocker Spaniel, known as Cockapoos.

We fell in love with Cockapoos a few years ago, and thus began our Southern Star part of the family. From the beginning, we believed in raising only healthy, happy, well-adjusted puppies, which for us, means puppies that are clean, comfortable and well used to people and other pets, and ultimately, finding good homes for each of them. Use the button below to meet our dogs!

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Part of the Family

Our dogs and puppies are lovingly raised on our farm as part of the family, and are well accustomed to our environment of children and other pets. 


We only breed our AKC and CKC registered dogs when they are in peak health and monitor them closely at all times to ensure the health and vitality of our puppies. 

Clean Bill of Health

Our puppies receive all applicable vaccinations and are  thoroughly vet-checked before leaving for their new homes at approximately eight weeks.


Due to extremely high demand, our available puppies are adopted almost as soon as they're posted on our website. Deposits are taken on a first come, first serve basis. If you'd like to be notified when more litters become available, please join our email list! (Bottom of every page)

Thanks for your interest, and be sure to follow our Facebook & Instagram pages for more updates.

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